New way of connecting with Basketball


OutBas is like the Waze for street basketball. With the app, you can track where your mates are dunking, how many people are playing on nearby courts, and when they gather to play. It’s a global initiative to promote a community sense around the practice of the sport.

We provided visual design, user interface, and app development, from it’s inception to the first app store release.

first beta test
1 week
sketch to global launch
5 months

visual design

After the beta week, with local validation by the target audience, we created the visual identity for the project. Despite only having a week for the task, we delivered quality and value for the client.


Color Palette



components & user interface

Throughout the project, the most present tasks were assembling components, layouts, and interaction flow. Since the first week, until late development phase, we invested time and money to polish and enrich user experience — how the app is used, and how the users interact with each other on the platform.

app development

How to develop an iOS and Android app, from scratch, in less than 5 months without compromising performance, native resources and code quality? We choose React Native.

Besides delivering real time value for the client, we made contributions for the open-source community.

React Native Logo

Available only in Brasília, Brazil.
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