kunst is a multidisciplinary studio from brazil

featured work

what we do

visual design

We create and polish visual identities, brand systems and motion design for the digital world, not just to look pretty, but to create a consistent and unique presence for your product.

interface design

Not only the looks, we focus most of our attention on building stable and easy-to-use products. We believe every web page, dashboard or app must be intuitive and solve the user’s need.

frontend development

Transforming vectors and shiny pixels into actual working code. This step is often overlooked by non-tech people, and it’s where many projects get stuck or fail to gain users' trust.

backend development

We solve backend services like managing infrastructure, servers, databases, security, and business logic for your product stay healthy, fluid and scale without problems

let's work together

We suplement your team — by developing side-by-side and giving consultancy — or we can be your team and help your ideia come true.